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  Cafeteria Menu for April/2018  

Breakfast: JK-12th grades Everyday: Choice of Cereal,Crackers, orGranola and another choice of Egg, Cheese, or Yogurt. Milk, Juice and Fruit. 6th -12th as above plus a special of the day

Lunch: ***********************

Lunch: ******************* Corndog or Max Wrap or Pizza Burger. (Hotdog* on GF Bun* upon request) Lettuce*, Cucumbers*, Orange*, Strawberries*

Lunch: Chicken & Noodles or Popcorn Chicken (GF Chicken Tenders* upon request) Mashed Potatoes*, Green Beans*, Apple*, Pineapple*, Roll OR Sugar Cookie (GF Choc Chip Cookie* upon)

Lunch: Orange Chicken or Teriyaki Chicken, (GF Mac & Cheese* upon Request) Peas*, Carrots*, Pears*, Grapefruit half*, Sweet Rice*, Rice Pilaf*

Lunch: Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza or Breakfast Pizza or Cheese StuffedBreadsticks (GF Pizza* upon request) Steamed Broccoli, * Dragon Juice*, Grapes*, Peaches*

Lunch: Breaded Pork Patty or Breaded Turkey Fritter (Sliced Turkey* on GF Bun* upon request) Cucumbers*, Baked Beans*, Banana*,Strawberries*, Bun OR Yellow Cake

Lunch: Chicken Drummies or Fish Sticks or Drumstick (GF Chicken Tenders* upon request) Mashed Potatoes*, Green Beans*, Apple*, Juice*, Roll OR Applesauce Cake. (GF Dinner Roll* upon request)

Lunch: Breakfast Bites or Mac & Cheese or Breakfast Burritos (GF Mac & Cheese* upon request) Steamed Broccoli*, Hashbrowns*, Orange*, Applesauce*

Lunch: Hamballs orHamburgerSteak* Corn*, Peas*, Peaches*, Grapefruit ½ *, Bun OR Roll(s) (GF Bun* upon request)

Lunch: Fiestada Pizza or Double Stuffed Cheese Pizza or Buffalo Chicken Pizza (GF Pizza upon request*) Lettuce*, Diced Tomatoes*, Grapes*, Pears*

Lunch: Ham & Egg Croissant or Hot Ham & Cheese Bagel or TBR Parm Panini (Ham/Cheese on GF Bagel upon request) Spudsters*, Green Beans*, Banana*, Strawberries

Lunch: Toasted Cheese Sandwich or Chicken Nuggets, Wow Butter*/Sunbutter* (GF Chicken Tenders* upon request) Tomato Soup, Celery*, Apple Slices*, Pears*

Lunch: Turkey & Dressing Supreme or Breaded Beef Patty (HamburgerPatty* upon request) Mashed Potatoes*, Steamed Trees* Oranges*, Peaches*, Roll or Crackers, (GF Dinner Roll* upon request)

Lunch: Taco Soup* or Taco Meat* or Chicken Fajita Meat. Refried Beans*, Baked Potato*, Grapes*, Pineapple*, Doritos* and Brownie, (GF Chocolate Chip Cookie* upon request)

Lunch: Cheesy Garlic French bread or Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza or 3 Meat Calzone GF Pizza* upon request Peas*, Lettuce* Mandarin Oranges*, Applesauce*

Lunch: Chicken Tenders or Meatballs, (GF Chicken Tenders* upon Request) Peas*, Cooked Carrots*, Banana*, Raisels*, Spaghetti w/sauce and Breadstick or Cookie, (GF Cookie* upon Request)

Lunch: Bosco Breakfast Sticks or Biscuit & Sausage Gravy, (GF Sausage/Egg Bagel upon request) Steamed Broccoli*, Pumpkin Custard*, Grapes*, Juice*

Lunch: Rib Shaped Pork Patty or Hotdog*, Cole Slaw*, Baked Beans*, Orange*, Applesauce*, Chips OR Bun, (GF hotdog bun upon request)

Lunch: Meatloaf* or Shredded Beef Gravy or BBQ Chicken Patty, Mashed Potatoes*, Green Beans* Apple*, Peaches*, Bun or Roll(s), (GF Dinner Roll* upon request)

Lunch: Breaded Cheese Sticks or Garlic Cheese Flatbread or Pepperoni French Bread Pizza, (GF Pizza* upon request) Lettuce*, Grape Tomatoes*, Strawberries*, Mixed Fruit*

Lunch: Ham & Cheese Bake* or Sausage LInks* & Egg Patty*, Hashbrowns*, Steamed Trees*, Banana*, Strawberries*, Pancakes or Yellow Cake, (GF Pancakes* upon request)