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Tim Kuehl, Superintendent

East Union Community School District

Afton - Arispe - Lorimor - Thayer - Shannon City

Tim Kuehl


Phone: 641-347-5215


Hello Eagle families,


I’m excited to be part of the East Union Community as we start what will hopefully be a much more “normal” year. As the summer wraps up I’m anxious to get students and staff back in the building! While I’m new to East Union, I’m not new to education or administration. This will be my 14th year as a superintendent and 21st year as an administrator. It has been a joy getting to know some people over the last month and I look forward to meeting many more East Union patrons over the next several months. We will continue to build on the East Union tradition of doing great things for our students.


This year all students will be engaged in onsite learning, as virtual is no longer an option in the State, except for schools with an online academy. Masks will be optional for students and staff at school and school events. Hopefully we’re able to move through the year without changes to our routines and the requirements, we will keep everyone informed in the event that the rules from the State change along the way.


A few things that I’d like to make sure families are aware of as the first day of school approaches on August 23rd. 

  • August 3rd: Student Registration 12:00 - 6:00 pm

  • August 19th: Elementary open house 5:00 - 6:00 pm., MS/HS open house 5:00 - 7:00 pm

  • August 23rd: 1st day of school


Enjoy these last few weeks of summer.




Tim Kuehl