1.   The East Union administration has assembled a collection of resources for families.  This page provides a comprehensive list of clickable links and brief descriptions for additional educational resources. Please share!

East Union District Resources


2.   Teachers will be working with students to complete, reteach, reassess and remediate as necessary coursework due on or before March 13. Teachers have been given a lot of latitude in determining what course work was due on or before March 13th. Specifically, if teachers are giving students more opportunity to complete, pass, or remediate something then the amount of latitude they have is much greater than if they are limiting a student’s opportunity to complete, pass or remediate. Teachers are keeping this in mind: on the students’ last class day, March 12, students did not know it would be the final day of school for an extended period of time. This decision occurred after the 13th. Thus, teachers have been told it is better to give the opportunity for completing or remediating to students if there is any question.

3.   School is closed until at least Monday, April 13th. We are not holding mandatory video-conferencing nor online courses during this time as originally planned. While teachers may be providing materials and non-mandatory study/review sessions for students to stay sharp and continue working on skills, please know that Dept. of Ed. guidelines require that any instruction provided via video or online may NOT be mandatory/required nor graded, and it must be available to all students with appropriate accommodations and modifications as needed or required. The state does have a task force that will start meeting regarding this topic. If changes in guidance are made available, we will react accordingly.


4.   4th Quarter Planning. At this time, the 4th Quarter will begin on Monday, April 13th. If this should change to a later date, then we will make changes accordingly. At this time, nothing will be required of students for 4th Quarter until April 13.


5.   Extra-Curricular Activities:

a.   More than 80% of our students are involved in activities. The impact on our students and their extra-curricular activities is significant. At this time, no seasons have been cancelled. However, many local and state-level events have already been cancelled. At this time, all Extra-Curricular Activities are on hold until April 13th.

b. Athletics:

1. The IGHSAU and IHSAA have not made any decisions regarding spring sports.
2. At this time, no team or group activities are to be taking place.
3. Planning for any schedule changes will take place in earnest once direction from the IGHSAU and IHSAA is given.

c. Fine Arts:

1. The IHSSA and IHSMA have cancelled all remaining state-level contests in Speech and Music.
2. Planning for needed rescheduling of concerts and performances will take place.

d. Clubs and Organizations:

1. Many conferences and events have already been cancelled for EU organizations.
2. Planning for possible schedule changes will begin when school reopens.
3. No decisions on Prom have been made.


6.    Reminder Aspire More will be open on Tuesday's from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

7.    Grab-and-go meals will be available for pick-up from the following locations:

Fairview Housing-    Noon -12:10 pm

Afton City Park -      12:15 - 12:25 pm
Arispe -                  12:35 - 12:45 pm

Lorimor City Park - 12:35 - 12:45 pm

8.    Please check your school email (students) on a daily basis from March 25 – April 10. We will work to keep you updated on any changes as they occur as well as provide other information. Emails to parents will go directly to the email that you have in JMC.

9.   The Iowa Department of Education recently released more information on what is required of students taking concurrent enrollment classes this semester. We wanted to share this information with you all so that everyone is on the same page. This is a very fluid situation and things are changing rapidly. I will do my best to keep you all up to date on any changes moving forward. 

Here is a link to the Department of Education's guidelines. This document provides guidance on concurrent enrollment and what can be expected during this time. In the document when it is referring to a "Post-Secondary Institution", that would be SWCC in our case. This document is being shared with you for your benefit. Please read through it and let me know if you have any questions. As is stated in the document, alternative arrangements for course completion must be established. SWCC has chosen to do their classes completely online. I have been in communication with SWCC and we want to make sure that all students have access to their courses. If you have not done so already, please fill out my Google Form ASAP to let us know what type of access you have. It is very important that you are checking your East Union and SWCC emails regularly as this is the easiest form of communication at this time.

10.  We will do the best we can at this time to keep up with anything that you may need

Please feel free to contact:
Ken Kasper - kkasper@eastunionschools.org
Joan Gordon jgordon@eastunionschools.org
Hope Hall - hhall@eastunionschools.org
Sara Thompson - sthompson@eastunionschools.org
Dawn Arnold - darnold@eastunionschools.org
Lori Paup - lpaup@eastunionschools.org

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