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East Union CSD Food Service Program

General informaton

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Meal Account Information

East Union Nutrition Department Facebook Page

The school nutrition program is solely funded by the money generated from meals served. The majority of this money is received by the Federal government through reimbursable meals. Therefore, highly regulated by the USDA. The Nutrition Program is not allowed to carry a negative balance and for this reason it is necessary to do whatever we are able to in order to prevent negative balances.


Please refer to the Nutrition Department Meal Charge Policy.

You can check the family account balance and monitor account activity using the Parent JMC link above .

*At any time throughout the school year, if parents/families are having difficulty paying for meals or if the financial situation has changed, we encourage parents/guardians to fill out a Free/Reduced Meal Application. Applications are available in the Superintendent’s office. Call 641-347-5704  if you have any questions or want to request an application be sent to you.

Meal Account Payment
Meal Account Info

Payment to the Family Meal Account

Online payments can be made using the RevTrak icon above. “Last name” means the last name of the parent and the JMC password is the same one used to check student information. There is no longer a "convenience charge" associated with a RevTrak deposit and it is now possible to sign up for automatic payments.


Checks can be sent with the student.  The checks can be given to the Nutrition Department or office personnel.


Cash should be the last resort. It should be sent with the student in a sealed envelope with the family name and amount sent. It can be given to the Nutrition Department or office personnel. Cash is highly discouraged as the Nutrition Department will not be held responsible for lost or stolen cash.


Money received after 12 pm will be deposited the following day


EUCSD Breakfast Program Information


Grades JK-12 - $2.00

Reduced Breakfasts - 30¢

Adult/visitor/visiting student - $2.85

Students must take three items in order to complete a reimbursable meal. Students with less than three items will be sent back to the serving line to complete their meal. If a student refuses to return to the serving line, they will be charged for each item separately which will result in a high cost.

Main Entree: $1.50, Grain $1.00, Fruit $1.00, Juice $0.75, Milk $0.75


Breakfast Program Info

EUCSD Lunch Program Information


Jk-5th grades is $2.85

6th-12th is $3.00

 Reduced Lunches are 40¢

Adult/visitor/ visiting student/second lunch is $4.13

Students are NOT required to take any specific item other than a ½ cup of fruit and/or vegetable.

Milk is NOT required.

Each student MUST have three components (Meat/Meat Alternate, Bread/Grain, Fruit, Vegetable, and Fluid Milk) on their tray for their meal to count as a reimbursable meal. Students will be asked to return to the serving line to complete their meal. If they refuse to do so, they will be charge for each item on their plate separately resulting in a higher cost.

Milk $.50, Main Entree $2.50, Grain $1.00, Condiment $0.50, Fruit$1.00, Vegetable $1.00

Staff is NOT allowed to force any specific item upon a student’s tray, unless it is required to complete the reimbursable meal.


All students are offered a choice of Main entree, which is served to them.

In addition:

JK-2nd grades are offered two vegetables, a fruit, and a choice of the milks listed above.

3rd-12th grades are able to serve themselves from the serving line which consists of two hot vegetables, a vegetable bar, at least two choices of fruit, Bread/Grain choices, condiment cart, and milks listed above.


Staff - The staff meals are the same as the high school meals. The higher price reflects the total reimbursement of the student meals.

Parents are encouraged to join their children for lunch at any time. We do ask that the correct change is presented to keep the line moving quickly and allow us to give the students as much time to eat as possible. If correct change is not provided, the remainder will be deposited into the student's account.

Additional Charges

Additional Charges

Adults and students in grades 6-12 are able to purchase ‘extras’ and second meals if there is a positive balance in the Family Meal Account. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the serving size when they are serving themselves, as they will be charged for any extras. Students and Adults who do not have money in their accounts will not be allowed ‘extra’ or second meals. It is the responsibility of the everyone who eats school meals to know their account balance each day before taking extras. 


Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children what is expected of them. It is the parent’s responsibility to let their child(ren) know if they approve of them purchasing extras.

Second lunch $3.00 .    Second Breakfast $2.00 .    Lunch Main entree $2.50 .    Breakfast Main Entree $1.50

Grain $1.00 .       Cheese Stick, Yogurt, Meat Stick $1.00,      Juice Box $1.00,     Canned Juice $1.25 .    

Jerky $2.25 .    PBJ $1.50 .    Bottled Water $1.00 .    Salad Bar only $2.50,     Capri Sun 75¢

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