November 17, 2020

East Union Community Schools,

The East Union Community School District will be requiring masks or two-ply gaiters at all grade levels.  This requirement is part of our school plan to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and gives us a better chance to maintain in person learning, avoiding a school shutdown. With all students and staff wearing masks it greatly reduces the chances of quarantine. We also will be mandating masks or two-ply gaiters at all indoor events for both home and away spectators. 

It is important to remember that we have many mitigation strategies to best assure the health and safety of our students and staff. In addition to what is being done in school we ask for your help when school is not in session to social distance as much as possible and mask up when necessary. In response to the explosive number of COVID-19 cases the East Union Board of Education has placed a mask mandate until further notice. 

Governor Reynolds also placed new guidelines for games and events that are indoors or exceed 15 people in attendance, everybody age 2 years and older must wear a mask and maintain 6 feet distance from other spectators. Even more, only two spectators per participating youth athlete will be permitted to attend the event. Last night’s announcement by Governor Reynolds also suspended all youth and junior high activities until December 10th. 

Once again, thank you to all families for your continued support and understanding as we work through this together. Our goal is to keep as many students and staff in school each day, and following this new guidance will help us achieve that goal. 


Ken Kasper

East Union Superintendent

September 29, 2020

Change in Iowa COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance 


The Iowa Department of Public Health today notified local public health departments that it is making a change to the Iowa quarantine recommendations for people that have been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19. 


  • Close contacts of COVID-positive cases will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days if a face covering was consistently and correctly worn by both people during the exposure. 


  • Household/residential contacts and contacts in health care settings will still have the 14-day quarantine recommendation. 


  • When an unmasked individual tests positive and close contacts were wearing masks...The positive case will be isolated for 10 days and the close contacts will be quarantined for 14 days


  • When a masked individual tests positive and SOME close contacts were masking...The positive case will be isolated for 10 days and the close contacts NOT wearing masks will be quarantined for 14 days, and those who were wearing masks will not be quarantined. 


  • When an unmasked individual tests positive and close contacts were NOT wearing masks the positive case will be isolated for 10 days and the close contacts will need to be quarantined for 14 days.


  • Any type of face covering is acceptable; however, a face shield is not considered a face covering and quarantine is still required if one or both people were wearing a face shield only. 


  • This does NOT change the isolation requirements for people that are actually sick or COVID-positive to isolate from others until: 

    • They have had no fever for at least 24 hours (that is one full day of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers) and their other symptoms have improved, AND 

    • At least 10 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared OR since they had a positive COVID test if they are asymptomatic. 


This decision was made by the Iowa Department of Public Health based on observations within Iowa and some other states that when the COVID-positive case and close contacts were both wearing face coverings at the time of exposure, the contacts were much less likely to develop illness or later test positive. IDPH wants to emphasize the importance of wearing face coverings consistently and correctly, with it covering both the nose and the mouth. Other recommendations such as social distancing, staying home when you are sick, and frequently washing or disinfecting hands continue to be important practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask....Thank you for all you are doing! It is not going unnoticed. 


Ken Kasper

East Union Community School District

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August 5, 2020

Good Afternoon, I hope this finds everyone doing well! Below you will find three documents. Two of which we have received this week from the Iowa Department of Health. The first is to help with evaluating sick students and staff and identifying close contacts for COVID-19. The second talks about community transmission and how with guidance we will move from one plan to another if necessary. The third document is our current version of our return to learn plan here at East Union.

The East Union School District intends to provide on-site learning for all students to begin the 2020-21 school year.  There are a number of structure and routine changes that have been made to provide an engaging in-person learning experience for students, while also keeping health and safety at the forefront.  The plan is based on the information that we have available now. It is likely that information will change over time. As conditions change, we will adapt our plan accordingly. With a little less than four weeks to go before the start of the school year, we need to make a decision. The challenge is making our final decision close enough to the start of the school year so we have the most current, up to date data available to us (and hopefully metrics that can guide our thinking). At the same time we need to be mindful of all of you, not too late in our decision making and thus catching everyone off guard.

The safety practices listed in this document were created utilizing the guidance provided by the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The main focus of this plan is to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff of the East Union School District.  The safety of our students, staff, and community is extremely important to the district.

We appreciate the grace and understanding you have shown as we try and work through this process.

Ken Kasper

East Union Community School District

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