Transporte de East Union

School Bus

Autobús #1 - David Jones


Autobús #6 - Carl Miller



Autobús #8 - Dale Denton


Autobús #11- Joel Sutton


Autobús #15 - Dwayne Price


Autobús #16 - Gary Clear


Autobús #20 - Eric Anderson


Granero del Autobús - Herman Chenoweth 


Las Pautas para Autobuses Sólo en Superficies Duras



En el establecimiento Superficie Dura Sólo en Ruta, habrá puntos de recogida en carreteras de superficie dura más seguras donde padres pueden encontrar los autobuses. Para para una ubicación y tiempo, por favor contacte con su conductor de autobús.


Si East Union corre Superficie Dura Sólo en Ruta en la mañana, correrán la misma en rutas en la tarde. Conductores NO pueden dejar estudiantes quien tienen una distancia caminar a menos que hay un adulto un adulto designado por la familia allí encontrarlos o recógelos.


Lugares de recogida está en:

  • La Carretera REA (REA Road)

  • Autopista 34 (Highway 34)

  • Autopista 169 Norte y Sur (Highway 169 North and South)

  • La Carretera Creamery (Creamery Road)

  • Avenida Willow, al sur de Thayer(Willow Avenue, south of Thayer)

  • Autopista 45, al este de Arispe (Highway 45, east of Arispe)

  • High School Drive, al sureste de Afton (High School Drive, southeast of Afton)


Necesitas contactar con su conductor de autobús para un tiempo definido y lugares de recogida.

November 4, 2020

East Union Community,


Winter weather in Iowa will soon be here and can be very inconvenient for students and parents.  I want to touch base while the weather still feels like fall, and of course there is always next week. 


Before the forecasts get worse, now is a good time to remind everyone about how school closing information will be communicated.  In the event that we need to close school for any reason, we have a variety of ways to communicate that information to our families and staff members.  


Here at East Union, we plan to continue with our traditional “snow days” at this time. You may have heard the state has included the option of virtual learning through the duration of our State of Emergency that is due to the pandemic. Virtual learning on short notice is also quite complicated for our families and staff. Especially, for our elementary students who do not carry technology back and forth, and now throw in having to serve meals, snow days are a better option. 


We will reserve the right to change our mind based on the total number of snow days, COVID-19 and any other considerations that would influence our decision. If the winter is bad and we have had several snowdays, we may consider moving to the virtual option later in the winter. The other option would be to make up the days at the end of the school year. We will keep our families informed of our plans.


In the event of school cancellations, delays, or early outs due to inclement weather, road conditions, emergencies, etc. parents and the community will be notified through the school’s messaging system. (i.e., JMC).  In addition to JMC, we will post information on:


In the event of an early dismissal or cancellation of school for the day, all after school activities (including ASPIRE)  are also cancelled unless specific authorization is granted by the superintendent or his designee.


The safety of our staff and students is always our top priority when making decisions to delay or cancel school.  While our busses are very reliable, there is a chance that they may get stopped on their routes. For this reason, we ask parents to make sure that students who ride the bus are properly dressed for the weather.


It is always difficult to determine whether to have school.  We realize that when school is cancelled it is very disruptive to our families.   Be prepared and let’s hope for a mild winter!




Ken Kasper

East Union Community Schools Superintendent