Joan Gordon

Elementary Principal

Joan Gordon

East Union Elementary
1916 High School Drive
Afton, IA 50830

(P) 641-347-5411

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Elementary Entrance

As we approach the last few weeks of our school year, we have a number of celebrations, many of which can be found in the “Elementary Principal’s Reports” links in the Board of Directors meeting agendas. Most recently, we received our 2023-2024 Iowa State Assessments of Student Progress (ISASP) results, which provide further evidence of the successful teaching and learning that occurs each and every day.  These tests are completed by our third, fourth, and fifth grade students, and the results are as follows: 80% of our students scored in proficient or advanced ranges in Reading and Language Arts, 81% in Mathematics, and 89% in Science. What a great segue to the last month of 2023-2024! We thank our families and communities for your ongoing support of our high performing school, and we are already making plans for 2024-2025. Stay tuned!

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